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2020-08-21 14:05

3 Tips when choosing the Taxi or Private Chauffeur company on your trips.

Taxi or Private Chauffeur service are always valid options when you decide to travel, whether on vacation or on business. However, we are well aware of the difficulty in choosing the company to carry out your travels, due to the enormous offer currently available. Many of the customers have the same question: “Am I choosing the right and reliable company for a stress-free trip?”

In recent years, particularly in the Algarve, many companies have appeared offering the same type of service. There are more and more passenger transport companies and, when the customer has to make a decision, it can generate some discomfort, because he is not sure if he is making the right decision.
In order to help in your decision, we leave 3 tips that we think are essential, and that you should keep in mind when hiring your Taxi or Private Chauffeur service:


enlightenedExcellence in Service.
Drivers with specific training and a taste for working with the public are well aware of the importance of good service:

  • They recognize the importance of arriving before the scheduled time;
  • To help with luggage;
  • Open the car door;
  • They give due importance to details, whether by immediately turning on the vehicle and the air conditioning before accommodating the luggage, for when the customer enters the vehicle, the interior is already with a pleasant ambient temperature;
  • They know how to respect and preserve your privacy during your trip and make it comfortable.


enlightenedTrust, Experience and Security.

  • Safety in your travels should never be overlooked. Do not rely only on the stars of the ratings and pay attention to comments and feedback from other customers, because it will be through this analysis that you can understand what kind of service this company offers effectively.
  • A good driver is not one who is the most skilled at driving or who is able to drive different types of vehicles. It is also important that the company that hires the Driver trains them on how to act / react to emergencies or unforeseen situations that may happen during the trip. It is extremely important to know how to drive you, under any circumstances, safely, to your final destination.


enlightenedLuxury Vehicles

  • It is undeniable that luxury and well-maintained vehicles increase the comfort of your travels.
  • Certainly, you will not want to choose a company for your holiday or business trips that does not pay attention to cleaning and disinfestation care, the necessary periodic maintenance, legal inspections, as well as constant attention and care to the condition of the tires.
  • Safety in your travels must be seen as a top priority in your choices, under penalty of being associated with the worst nightmares on your travels, whether for leisure and / or business.

Conclusion: with the choice of a reliable company for your travels, you are certainly guaranteeing more comfortable, reliable and stress-free trips, which is what we really want when we hire a Private Taxi or Chauffeur.

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