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2020-10-23 16:53

7 rain driving tips

1. Speed limits 

Whatever the conditions, speed limits can and must be respected. On rainy days, this rule makes even more sense. In order to ensure maximum control of the direction of your vehicle, do the maneuvers smoothly, avoid rapid acceleration, sudden braking and overtaking. Reducing the speed will increase the response time, ensuring increased security in all situations.


2. Safety distance 

On rainy days the braking capacity is drastically reduced, and the risk of being caught or accepted increases. Therefore, and in order to avoid this type of inconvenience, the safety distance for other vehicles on the road should be increased. Doing so will save you enough time and space to react in emergency situations.


3. Brakes 

To increase safety while driving in the rain, you should maintain a constant speed and smooth braking. With a wet surface, the risk of skidding due to sudden braking is much greater, so pay attention to speed.


4. Check tire condition 

To ensure good grip on wet roads, check the condition of the tires. Flat or “bald” tires compromise your safety and that of other road users.


5. Fogged glass 

It is essential that you keep your car windows clean and unclogged. If necessary, turn on the air conditioner and direct it to the windshield. The condition of the brushes is also important, if necessary replace them with new ones.


6. Aquaplaning 

On rainy days, in certain places, there is the possibility of water table formation. It is a very dangerous reality due to aquaplaning, which makes you lose control of the vehicle in its entirety. If you encounter such a situation and it is impossible to avoid circulation over them, maintain a constant reduced speed and avoid braking. Doing so may lose control of the car and cause a crash or accident.


7. Lights 

In order to ensure that your car is visible to other drivers, turn on your vehicle's lights: use the low beam on days of intense rain and, in the event of cloudiness, turn on the fog lights.


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