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2020-06-10 19:09

Hygiene as a top priority in Taxi and Chauffeur services


Faro International Airport, usually very busy at this time of year, where dozens of taxis await the arrival of thousands of passengers, is completely empty. Taxi rank, car parks, support bars and other shops are closed.


Although the Airport itself is already operational, it currently only receives half a dozen daily flights, sometimes even that. The passenger arrival and departure zone is completely empty.


This situation means that taxi companies in the Algarve, as well as tour bus companies, have been suffering, since mid-March, a drastic decline in demand for their services, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our country and in particular the tourist region of the Algarve.


The entire tourism sector in the Algarve region, from mid-March to May, practically stopped working, leaving workers and entrepreneurs apprehensive about the unpredictability that this situation causes.


As the city of Faro began to slow down and the population became more isolated, cars disappeared from the roads. In Faro, the taxi fleet consists of 77 taxis, and currently, not all are active, although the city has gradually resumed its “new normal”.


            At Faro Central Táxis & Chauffeur Service, we are working to clean the interior of the vehicle after each trip with customers to ensure that our Taxis are disinfected for the next customer. At the same time, our office staff are working to obtain medical grade disinfectant, which lasts about 6 months in vehicles. At the same time, we adopt a standard cleaning procedure to be performed by each driver at the beginning and end of each shift. We currently have, in all our vehicles, taxis and a private chauffeur, disinfectant, both for drivers and for our customers, in the rear seats.


Ricardo Martins, CEO of Faro Central Táxis & Chauffeur Service, says that “we have already purchased around 40 liters of alcohol gel and individual dosers in order to equip the entire fleet. Our concern will be to be able to supply alcohol gel, both to our drivers and to our customers. We want to guarantee maximum safety and hygiene to everyone who uses our services ”


Ricardo also says that “most of our drivers are at home, focused on the family because there is no business. But that does not mean that we are not already preparing for when we return, at full strength, we can offer all the maximum hygiene conditions to drivers and customers ”.


Faro Central TeamTaxis & Chauffeur Service


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