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2023-06-13 17:00

Taxi service – Booking a Taxi Service in advance makes our lives easier, why?

Taxi services have long been an excellent tool to help us reach our destination, effortlessly, without wasting time circulating to park or driving in horrible traffic, often in places that are unknown to us.

It's all about effectiveness. Of the 24 hours that the day has, especially in vacation mode, we try to concentrate a thousand and one activities in a single day. In addition, we also want them to be productive, impactful and with a purpose. Unfortunately, we don't always manage to make it that way, however, when it happens, on these occasions, we are left with a feeling of contentment.

Let's list some reasons why booking a Taxi Service in advance makes our life easier:



When there are many things to do and/or visit, when you need to leave a certain place at a certain time to be in another place at the exact time, it will be very important to have a taxi service at your disposal, whose punctuality you can trust to 100%. This is only possible if you choose a company that provides an honest taxi service, focused on the customer and that respects your time as you respect it. With a company that provides a reliable Taxi Service, you don't have to worry about whether or not your call will be answered. Either to make a taxi reservation or for any necessary last minute changes. Also, as you won't be driving the taxi, you can take the time to prepare the last notes of a meeting, or enjoy the city through the taxi window, take pictures of the city and selfies inside the taxi, for example, or simply relax and listening to music.


Taxis always available in our lives, whether day or night, it makes our life easier. These days, we are always in a hurry. The fact that you don't depend on booking a taxi in advance, on public transport, or on a friend's ride and knowing that when you dial the contact of Faro Central Táxis & Chauffeur Service +351 915 191 911 you'll have someone on the other side of the phone to answer you, is a feeling of relief. This makes our life easier and takes a weight off our shoulders. At least we think so.


We've been advocating for a long time that sitting in a comfortable office chair makes all the difference in productivity, so does traveling in a comfortable taxi. Therefore, when ordering your taxi, whether for the moment or when booking, make sure that the company's taxi fleet will have the best offer of taxi vehicles. That's why at Faro Central Taxis & Chauffeur Service, we bet on the best fleet of super comfortable taxis, with space for all passengers and their luggage.


It is often heard that having a car is like having a child, at least in terms of expenses. Naturally the expression is exaggerated, but the essence is right. From provision, insurance, inspection, maintenance and last minute breakdowns, having a taxi service and its rates is a paradise. All they have to pay is what appears on the taximeter or agreed in advance. Simple, no hidden fees, no additional charges. Honest taxi companies will be able to answer the question: “how much does a taxi ride cost?”.


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