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2023-06-09 17:56


Taxi Services: 4 most popular types of taxi service in the Algarve.

Taxi Services and what has changed in recent times.

Faro, June 9, 2023

Taxi services, in recent years, have undergone major changes, making the market extremely competitive; not only between companies that provide taxi services, but largely due to the entry of other service providers, similar to taxi services, such as TVDE, Travel Agency and Tourist Animation.

Finally, most companies that provide taxi or similar services have turned their focus to customers. Nowadays, most businessmen in the sector are actively involved in the search for new solutions and also in monitoring customer satisfaction, so they don't have to run the risk of their customers choosing another company for their trips/trips. Which, to us, makes perfect sense; after all, meeting customer expectations is our daily objective.

Looking at the market holistically, over the past few years it has become obvious to us which taxi services are absolutely mandatory to offer and why these types of services in particular have had such a huge impact on our growth.


List of the 4 most popular taxi services in the Algarve:

  • Door to Door Taxi Service

Most think that a taxi service is just made up of a starting point and an arrival point, without interruptions and stops. In fact, it was like that for decades. However, with growing demand, taxi companies have adapted and realized the benefits for customers of offering a door-to-door taxi service. Customers have the option not only of sharing the taxi ride with their friends but also of picking up friends/relatives during the journey to the final destination. There is much more room for customizing the taxi service, which is undoubtedly much more convenient and comfortable for customers and drivers. There is no need to worry about communicating to the taxi driver “stop here”, “wait there”, “we have to go get this person first”, “then another one”. These issues are clarified right at the request.

  • Airport transfer

Calling a taxi on the spot to go to the airport or taking a taxi at the airport was for decades the only way available. With the introduction of taxi ride scheduling, things change for the better. Today, anyone can book their trip by taxi to the airport or from the airport to any destination with the certainty that someone will pick them up. With the hectic and busy lives we lead these days, anything that takes our minds off our worries has to be seen as beneficial.

  • Hourly service

The taxi service charged by the hour, instead of the traditional taxi meter, has become very popular in recent years, especially among business travelers. Naturally, the service is not limited to this type of customer and many use this type of taxi service to:

  • Tailor-made tours;
  • Weddings;
  • Special occasions like baptisms or birthday parties.

The great advantage of booking a taxi service by the hour is to relieve pressure in terms of vehicle availability. Calling a taxi and waiting, especially in high seasons in the Algarve, for the company to be immediately available is very risky.

  • Taxi service for passengers with reduced mobility

Offering a specific taxi service for passengers with reduced mobility - Camara Municipal de Faro opened a tender for two taxi licenses for passengers with reduced mobility in 2013 - was one of the noblest things we have seen happen in the taxi sector. The special care and attention that is needed for the Elderly and beyond, having duly trained and patient taxi drivers ready and available to help these people on their daily or occasional taxi journeys is wonderful. And this type of specific taxi service is very important both for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, as well as for their families and/or caregivers.

There is undoubtedly a wider range of taxi services, such as Vip Chauffeur, Transfers de Golf, among others. But the 4 types of taxi services listed above are without a doubt the ones customers expect any taxi company to provide.

About Us:

We have been specialists in taxi services in Faro since 1968. In addition to taxi services in Faro, we also offer several land transport solutions, ranging from a simple circuit from A to B, transfers to and from Faro Airport, Faro Airport, Lisbon and Seville Airport, Executive Taxi, Golf Transfers in the Algarve, transport of passengers with reduced mobility, transport of guests at Events or Special Occasions, transportation for weddings, tours in the Algarve customized or pre-defined routes.

We also cater to exclusive requests - Vip Chauffeur -  with personalized details such as: specific request for a vehicle, language spoken by the Chauffeur, bouquet of flowers, water, magazine and/or daily newspapers, transportation of your guests, guests, clients and/or business partners.

We have the ideal conditions to maintain trusting and lasting relationships with our customers and partners. Our drivers are fluent in English, our helpline works 20 hours a day. between 4:00 am and 00:00 am, and our office is located 2 km from Faro International Airport.

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