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2020-11-25 18:11
Transport for Groups, main aspects to take into account with the company responsible for transporting your guests.

Organizing transportation for groups, whether for corporate events or special occasions, such as weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, etc., managing the transportation needs of all participants or guests, is sometimes a complicated, stressful and difficult.

In order to help you, we have made a list of the main aspects that, in our opinion, need to be configured, with the help of your transport provider, in order to ensure that no one is left behind.

       • Check whether vehicles can be shared

On some occasions, depending on the preferences of guests and / or participants at the corporate event, it may be possible to organize shared transportation.

However, we call your attention that, in some corporate events, due to the professional status of some participants, the best solution may be individual transportation in Sedan, for each of the Executives.

However, there are several solutions available for group transportation that provide the same luxury experience as a Sedan service. The Mercedes V Class Vans have individual, spacious and comfortable seats, capable of accommodating 6 pax (currently 4pax, in the context of the pandemic), with maximum comfort and safety.

If all individuals attending the festive or corporate event are receptive to the idea of ??traveling together, there is the option of larger vehicles up to 55 pax, which can lower transport costs and maintain the level of luxury and comfort.

       • Will participants have luggage?

It is essential to have knowledge of the quantity and size of the guests' luggage so that the number and type of vehicle (s) to be used is the appropriate one.

Two people traveling alone, with more than 3 large suitcases, will necessarily require an upgrade to a Van Class V.

If you do not plan to transport a group, taking into account the amount of luggage they carry, last minute inconvenience may occur if there is a need to hire extra transport.

       • Indicate whether last-minute changes are acceptable.
Event participants can request changes to their itineraries, however, some will have the authority to do so and others will not. It is necessary to know in advance which are the guests or participants who are really competent to do so, as stops or deviations from the pre-established route can significantly increase the contractual costs of the trip. In planning, it is recommended that the chain of command is well defined, so that the event occurs smoothly.

       • Coordinate flight schedules

If you plan to join people with the same flight times, make sure that they are actually traveling together on the same flight.

Any delay or technical problem can cause one of the flights to land first and, as a result, one group will be held at the airport, waiting for the other group to start their journey.

A truly professional taxi or driver service company will be able to take into account all possible variables, including up-to-date traffic information and possible road cuts or works.

Managing group transport is a difficult task, but when you hire the right taxi company or experienced drivers, all you need to do is provide complete information about your specific needs and flight times.

Thus, the company Faro CentralTáxis & Chauffeur Service is the right company for the management of your land transport. Our fleet of luxury vehicles will be at your disposal whenever you need an airport transfer, a trip from point A to point B, transportation to meetings, business events, weddings or special occasions.
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