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2019-08-19 18:42

5 Advantages of Booking a Faro Airport Transfer

1. Always know how much you will pay

When booking your transfer at Faro Airport in advance, you always know how much you will pay. Even if your flight is delayed, your luggage takes a long time to leave, your driver will be waiting for you, as always, in the arrival area at Faro Airport, with your name on a sign and will always pay the agreed amount.


2. Comfort and Reliability

If you are going to land at Faro Airport, either for professional reasons, to attend an event / congress or for your holidays, nothing can cause more stress or worry than a bad transfer service from Faro airport to your destination. . Even more so if it is loaded full of bags or if you travel with kids or babys. Hence it is unreliable to wait until the last moment and choose to book your Faro Airport transfer in advance.


3. Prevents last minute stress

If you are one of those who do not like to risk, either on arrival or departure of your trips and prefer to have someone waiting for you, the best option is to book your transfer in advance. By making the reservation you thus avoid unpleasant surprises on your vacation / travel. In addition you can choose the ideal car according to the amount of luggage.

4. Provide assistance when needed

When booking your transfers, a Faro Central Taxis Chauffeur, offer your customer outstanding service when it comes to customer service. Whenever you are asked to help with luggage, wait a while, change music, or help elderly customers get in and out of the car, they are always ready and available.


5. Always work with the same Taxi Driver

When booking your transfer at Faro Central Taxis, you can always know who your driver is, and choose to be assisted by the same Chauffeur on your next trips.
There is nothing better than booking your transfer at Faro Airport and being met by someone you know. We know your preferences, you know the drivers and it is priceless.

To book a transfer from Faro Airport for your next business or personal trip or to find details about our Chauffeur service available, contact us today.

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