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2019-07-25 17:00

Traveling with children or babies is not always easy because of the logistics involved. However, if you plan ahead, for example the taxi, flights, hotels, or others you can eliminate stress and anxiety before your trip. Our tips can make your Algarve holidays even more enjoyable.

10 Tips When Traveling With Children To The Algarve

1. Book in advance

Landing at Faro International Airport for a family vacation without a program can be quite stressful, something you certainly don't want during your trip.

Always try to book taxi, airline tickets, hotels, places to visit with children for your trips in advance. Make sure you keep your family's passports or identification documents in one place and easily accessible to show when needed. Please make sure they are valid months before your vacation. If a visa is required (non-EU citizens) check the requirements with the Portuguese Government.


2. Luggage

Try to reduce the space of your children's clothes by optimizing the luggage space. Please note that excess baggage charges at Faro International Airport vary by company and can be very expensive.


3. Medicines

You certainly don't want your children to be sick. Carry with you medicines for headache and stomach, diarrhea, fever, etc. Don't forget extras like wipes, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, comfortable clothes. The European emergency number is 112.

4. Child Locators

Peace of mind is what we all inevitably desire during our family vacation, and why not to buy a child finder? This type of locator can be attached to your child's belt or other garment while the parent keep the transmitter. In case your child goes too far, parents always have the possibility to sound the alarm to locate him.

5. Allow plenty of time

The logistics of traveling with children always requires more time. So that there is time to correct any setbacks, whenever you travel to and from the airport, at least have an extra hour.

6. Flights

Flying with little ones can be stressful, so keep it simple. Backpacking is a great solution as it allows us to carry lots of wipes, drinks and snacks and still be free to take our little ones on our laps. Be sure to bring toys or games to a portable DVD player if your plane does not have one.


7. Book a Taxi at the airport

Traveling with children requires us to be well prepared. To avoid hassle at the airport, hire a taxi or Chauffeur  who is waiting for you at Faro Airport and transporting you and your family. You must book at least 24 hours in advance. For child safety reasons, please have a seat for your child, and remember to inform your child's age at the time of booking. If traveling with a lot of luggage, hire a larger car; One of our Mercedes V Class would be perfect.

8. What to avoid

The Algarve sells many pastries that children love. Raising your child's blood sugar levels too much is something to be avoided. Instead, there are great options for healthy snacks and fruits to keep kids happy. Remember to keep yourself and your family hydrated at all times by replacing sugary sodas with plenty of water.


9. Trying Different Lunches

Part of the vacation is trying different food. The Algarve caters for all tastes. Parents can enjoy traditional grilled fish and seafood. Be sure to enjoy lunch with the family, practically by the sea, in the beach restaurants.


10. What to do with children

In the Algarve there are many major attractions for families. From theme parks such as Zoo Marine, Crazy World or Lagos Zoo and cultural attractions for families (historic cities such as Olhão, Faro, Silves, Loulé), to typical villages like Alte, water parks (aquashow, Aqualand and Slide n Splash). Algarve has it all.

We hope our tips are helpful when traveling to the Algarve with your children. It is not always easy, but we are sure it will collect moments that will be recorded forever. Good vacation


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