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2019-07-15 14:34

We all know that the experience of taxi riding in the Algarve is not always the best, but we in the Central Faro taxis are willing to change these stigmas and we leave 5 tips on the hour


5 tips when you travelling by taxi


1. Empathize with the taxi driver

When you get in the taxi, always speak to the driver with a smile. It's hard not to react to a smile with another smile and it's a beautiful way to break the ice and start the journey.



2. Specify the route to the driver

Before starting the trip, make it clear to the taxi driver which route you want the driver to follow.



3. Always request invoice

We all know that when it comes to paying for the taxi it is not always easy. To make sure there are no mistakes, always ask the taxi driver for an invoice, and make sure it is correctly filled in. The invoice must contain, in addition to the amount payable, the origin and destination of the route, date, time and Tax ID of the taxi company.



4.  Amount to be paid in the taximeter

The amount to be paid at the end of the trip should be the sum shown in the taximeter and the supplements, and also tolls, if the taxi used the highway

There are 3 supplements that can be charged:
- Call € 0.8
- Luggage € 1.6
- Pet € 1.6

In the invoice there is a portion specifically for supplements, which should be properly filled



5.  Make sure you don`t leave something inside the taxi

Once the payment has been made, always check that nothing is left in the seats. The invoice also makes it easier to identify the company, thus making it easier to identify the driver.

We hope these tips have been helpful. Good Trips.

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